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 Beirut Film Society (BFS) is a Non-for Profit Association that works closely with Lebanese and international filmmakers, and with film associations and/or other entities around the world to empower film industry in Lebanon and the Arab World.   BFS organizes film events in Lebanon and abroad, to introduce cinema culture as an educative tool to human rights and ethics; and to spread the Lebanese culture through Lebanese films where possible.  


We believe in the power of cinema and audio visual in making a change, and we want to educate the young, in Lebanon in General, and in rural societies in particular, on how to use those tools to express themselves and to seek change. 


 As part of BFS objectives, we promote for “Cinema for a Cause”, and work on raising awareness among youth about social issues through cinema, such as Gender Equality, Women Causes, Children Rights, and Peace Building, through organizing cinema activities, such as: screenings, training sessions, seminars, workshops, networking events. 

Beirut International Women Film Festival


Beirut International Children & Family Film Festival


Notre Dame University International Film Festival


Lebanese Film Festival In Canada


Golden Grenade Armenian Film Festival


Koura Cinema Days




Girls for Change, an initiative created and developed by Beirut Film Society, launched in 2018 at the Grand Serail, with the support of UNICEF Lebanon. 

GFC is trains adolescent girls from the Syrian Refugees communities and the Lebanese hosting communities, on how to use Audio Visual and Film to seek change. 



The Founder and Chair of the Beirut Film Society, Sam Lahoud has been selected to nominate the best short films from the following Middle Eastern and Gulf countries for this year’s HFPA Snow Leopard Short Films Award in Hollywood: Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

The ceremony will take place at the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles in November, as part of an agreement between the festival and the Golden Globes. Awards consist of $5,000 US for the best short film from Asia, as well as an invitation to the Golden Globes.
Lahoud's role is to select 12 short films from these countries which go toward the shortlisting of two films for the final qualifications.


A Comedy Drama mix, centered on two couples from extremely different social & financial background, unwillingly meet in the same hospital’s maternity room after delivery, where the rising actions goes completely out of control and unpredictably thrilling second by second.


A former Interior Security Forces General of 80 years old, and a former Army doctor of 84, go every day to the same coffee shop, to sip quietly their espresso, and to make crossword puzzles, to avoid loss of memory, Alzheimer's disease.

Void - Waynon Film

 Six Lebanese women, different ages, await the return of their sons, brothers, husbands or lovers, who have been missing since the Civil War. VOID depicts the events that take place on the eve of the Beirut Parliament Square sit-in, where the women petition to renew the cases of their missing men. The lives of these women revolve around waiting for the men in their lives. A wait filled with uncertainty, and hope. 

Meiduo - Film (China)


 Traumatised by the tragic death of a Syrian boy, war journalist Meido returns to China to shoot a documentary in Tibet. During the two-month shoot, she not only finds herself deeply entangled in a love affair with Dawa, a Tibetan man and Monk-to-be but is forced to face her inner demons of death and destiny when she discovers a wild “wolf boy” Suo Hua in the forest. Wading through the dense mystery of Tibetan highland, Meido forges ahead against all the odds on her journey of the soul- searching that breaks, strengthens, and ultimately heals her. 

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